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Toyota’s new line of cars for 2014

Quick trivia question: Which is the largest auto manufacturer in the world in terms of production and has sold more than two hundred million cars? Don’t know? Well it’s the Japanese auto manufacturer, Toyota! They have come to such a stage that no matter where you go, any country, city or continent, you can find their cars! Those crazy South Pole adventure folks have reported seeing Hilux’s and Land Cruisers in Antarctica! What are the odds?

They must have something because you simply can’t just become the largest auto manufacturer in the world. People are simply not going to buy your automobiles just because they take sympathy on you but because they see something in them. And in Toyota, what everyone sees is reliability! That’s what makes this Japanese auto giant’s world renowned!

Toyota has been manufacturing cars since the Second World War and that’s a long time to develop the necessary expertise required to build fine automobiles. But let’s discuss the present now! They have come out with an exciting range of new cars which promise affordability, safety, comfort and efficiency. Let’s check out some Toyota 2014 cars

•    Camry: The 2014 Toyota Camry has been the most exciting launch in the affordable sedan segment this year. This is a vastly popular car especially for people who want a combination of looks, power, efficiency and affordability. And the 2014 model doesn’t disappoint because they have now made it sexier than before and you can even purchase the SE edition which has a V6 engine!

•    The Avalon: If you are looking for comfort and style then the 2014 Avalon is for you! With a STAR safety system, it can keep you safe too. The Avalon comes with a 3.5 litre 268 HP V6 engine as standard! So you have all the power that you need at the touch of a pedal. And it’s available in XLE, XLE Premium, XLE Touring and a limited edition.

•    The Yaris: For people wanting to buy a small and compact city car, the Yaris has to be their number one choice! The 2014 model comes in three editions the 3 door L, 3door LE and the 5 door L. So which one would you pick?

•    The Prius: One of the most popular choices of eco conscious people around the world, the Prius has stolen many hearts. And nobody thought Toyota could have made it better but they did! The 2014 edition is a perfect car for the city and it even helps you save the environment! 

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