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February 27 2014

Some Tips and Pointers before Buying a Car

Buying a car is a dream common to most people in this world but also not an easy one to achieve. In this day and age of rising costs, buying a new car can prove to be a bad decision probably made in haste due to the easy option of finance available to most individuals these days. Have you ever thought about buying a used car instead of a new one? If you have, then you have already made a smart decision. Buying a used car these days makes much more sense as compared to a new one in today’s economy.

Finding a used car is also quite easy. There are many used inventory Toyota dealers in almost every city where one can find a car suitable to their needs and most dealers have an extensive used inventory including Toyota cars and many other companies! But why exactly should you go for a used car?

•    Used cars are almost 30% cheaper as compared to their new counterparts

•    Insurance for used cars costs less compared to new ones

•    Most year or two year old used cars are still covered under original warranty

•    Newer technology entails that used cars these days are not prone to failures or susceptible to breakdowns

As we can see buying a used car is actually a better option than a new one but choosing a perfect one can become a bit stressful. And which is why you should research thoroughly before jumping the gun and buying one. So how can you find the perfect used car?

•    Decide on what type of car you want? Hatchback, sedan, SUV, 4x4 or a convertible. Once you are clear on the type of car you want, only then can you move ahead. So, decide on a specific type in order to narrow down your search.

•    Once you have narrowed that down, you should check out the monthly mileage you are going to be doing.

•    Set up a monthly budget and calculate whether a specific car shortlisted by you will fit your monthly budget or not. Depending on specific models, the monthly running costs can greatly vary. So choose wisely because the monthly running cost of that car should not go above your monthly expenditure.

These were a few pointers that should be kept in mind before going to a used car dealer. You should be sure of which car you would want to buy or at least be sure of your budget and the type of car you would want.

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